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New stuff and some old

2014-09-08 07:30:12 by SplinterNrurse

Hi folks, just uploaded a bunch of stuff relating to my master project!

Hope you all enjoy it

minor update

2011-02-15 16:31:13 by SplinterNrurse

found a better quality version of my lovetower animation, i still can't find a way to decently compress it so i can post the swf here, so this'll have to do

The LoveTower *RAWR*

2010-08-21 13:57:35 by SplinterNrurse

Alright so i guess i'm not gonna be able to post the original .swf here, so here's the youtube link

enjoy ;)

*link deleted*

ps: flash is doing something weird when i converted it to a movie, because of that some of the movie clips started repeating themselves

yay here we are again!

2010-08-20 12:25:55 by SplinterNrurse

so here's another animation i made some time before christmas, this was for school and i used nothing but high-res pictures so it's waaaaaaaaaaay to big to post the .swf here.

so i thought i just post the youtube vid here then :D

animation about a toy,

the original song was: The Piano Duet by Danny Elfman

but since WMG doesn't allow me to use it *cough*assholes*cough*, i just picked something from youtube's default list... it sux now

/* */
other good news: i have another more recent animation, but again the filesize is too big lol, but only by 5mb or so ( and thats after i tried compressing it as much as i could). So i send an e-mail to the NG staff to ask if they would let me post it. Anyway if i don't hear from em or if they won't let me i'll just post the youtube( aka the less qualtitative) version here


yay here we are again!

back again

2010-03-28 09:57:38 by SplinterNrurse

man, it has been a LONG time since i last submitted something here, heven't had the time tbh...
anyway thought i'd submit some more recent works, so here they are ^^

btw i made a nice flash animation but the file size is waaaaay too big :s, as soon as i fix that little issue ill get it up here as well


updated art

2009-07-21 14:14:44 by SplinterNrurse

olriiiight! finally got around to post some recent and some old vector art. I'll try to find some time so i can scan/photograph some of my paintings and sketches. c u soon then ;)



2009-07-03 18:03:55 by SplinterNrurse

thx for visiting my page ;) be sure to check my art, I'll try to uodate it as often as i can.